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Spare parts

Worldwide shipping of marine spare parts. We specialise in wastewater treatment and water disinfection for the shipping industry.

- Evac water management systems
- van Remmen UV Technology
- MBR Filtration membranes
- MBR Cleaning chemicals
- Pumps and Valves

Evac repair service

Repair service and testing programme for Evac toilet control mechanisms, water valves, discharge valves and dosing pumps. Send us the damaged or worn item and we will return it as good as new. Save up to 75% of the cost of a new part.

- Evac toilet control mechanisms
- Water valves
- Discharge valves
- Dosing pumps

Other Services

- Maintenance and repair on location for designated
- Maintenance and certification of marine UV disinfection
- Maintenance and repair of instrumentation systems
- Integration of systems and devices designed by us.
- Technical advice and engineering


Engineering of technical projects and products.
Custom-designed systems for wastewater treatment and water disinfection as well as assembly systems and stainless steel parts for a wide range of technical and industrial applications. We also provide electrical and instrumentation (E&I) design.

- Autocad 2D engineering
- Solidworks 3D engineering

UV disinfection

The validated UV disinfection systems of Van Remmen UV Technology are Europe’s most durable and energy efficient.
A system in which continuous innovation and optimisation
is reflected in every component.

- Complete integrated systems
- UV-C replacement lamps
- Quartz sleeves

- Control units
- Spare parts

Ecologix wastewater filtration

WRT Products is the official distributor of Ecologix wastewater filtration and membrane systems.
Ecologix manufactures some of the most advanced equipment for wastewater and water treatment plant currently available in the market.
If you want to know what Ecologix can mean for your business, feel free to contact us.

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